Metabolism: Processing the Fuel for the Body

This article is about metabolism. It discusses how metabolism affects a person’s weight. Everybody has a different basal metabolic rate, it depends on a person’s age, gender, height, body mass, environment, diet, and the amount of stress they have. Exercising helps increase metabolism by using energy during and after exercise, and also by increasing a […]

Flexibility Training: Stretching Our Way to Better Health

This article is about the benefits of flexibility training. This kind of training is often taken for granted by many because they are in hurry to perform cardiovascular exercises and weight training. These individuals may encounter injuries that may hamper their fitness program because they failed to engage in flexibility training.

Relaxation and Chillout in the Workplace!

Learning how to relax is a most useful skill. It is quick and easy to learn and just takes a short period each day to master. Find out how to do this for yourself. If you read this, you will understand that rest and regeneration is an important matter 🙂