Successful Cocaine Treatment for your loved one


Learn the cycle of cocaine addiction and help your loved one beat it. The right information is the most powerful weapon you have to treat cocaine addiction and really get your loved one off drugs. Effective Cocaine Treatment begins with the admission of any level of addiction by the addict. The addict themselves very rarely reach for help on their own. They seem to simply race toward death as fast as they can. When the addiction is recognized or even suspected by a family member, the first move is typically an accusation that the addict strongly denies. This actually pushes the addict away from accepting any help well enough seeking any on their own.

Having the addict incarcerated in jail or committed to a treatment facility has an even worse effect. The key is to get the addict to see some sense of their addiction, no matter how small, and these methods only force the addict to run away.

Cocaine Addiction is as hard to self-diagnose as insanity. There is basically no cocaine addict that will ever admit to having a problem, no matter how bad their life becomes or how many daily crimes they need to commit to feeding their habit. The hard truth of any drug addiction is an inherent denial of any problem whatsoever. It is as though drug addiction itself creates its own perfect justification so that the addict never has to even consider there might be a problem. This makes helping anyone with a drug addiction problem very difficult. However, the addict only has to realize that they have some level of addiction, no matter how small, in order to begin to reach for or accept any help. This is the limiting factor in any intervention.

One often overlooked aspect of drug addiction, and particularly that of cocaine or meth is resorting to stealing from family members and close friends in order to finance the drug habit. The addict unknowingly shunts the most likely avenues of help by committing these crimes against those who are most likely to actually help the addict with their addiction. The effect of these crimes is to alienate the addict from these people and drive the addict further into drug addiction and abuse. This is often referred to as the dwindling spiral of addiction. All too often, friends and family members are forced to overlook or forgive these crimes at a point of serious desperation in order to reach the addict and assist them. This has to be done before so many crimes are committed that the addict totally alienates themselves completely, thus making help an impossibility. This is the point of no return and the only hope remaining for an addict that has traveled this far with their addiction is arrest and incarceration, which functions as a sort of rehab program in that the addict is physically prevented from obtaining more drugs.

One very effective strategy to try is to simply take one day and stay with the addict. Nearly every addict asserts that they have no addiction and can quit at any time. Most say they only do it 'for fun or just 'recreationally’. This is actually one of the best inroads to really show the addict just how addicted they are. Take just one day, perhaps a weekend, and remain with the addict saying that you want them to prove to you that they have no addiction. Even if the addict doesn’t have a desperate daily use addiction, just the idea that someone will be watching them all day to make sure that they don’t use drugs, especially cocaine, is enough to fixate the addict’s mind on the drug. This 'test’ usually only lasts about 2 hours where the addict now has to admit to something because they are begging to be let go and swearing they don’t want to get some cocaine. They are lying, of course, and this makes it totally obvious to everyone. Try this simple and cost-free test that you can do right at home. It frequently leaves the addict rather broken and open to a treatment program.