10 Powerful Tricks To Healing Yourself

Live in the now. The past is gone. You can never go back and make it right. You can never re-live a life that was yesterday. Live positively in the present moment, no matter what is occurring. It is All right and perfect. Do not look ahead and dread what may come. Our mind creates a lot of chatter and makes us afraid in order to keep us safe. Tell your mind „Thanks for sharing” and affirm „I am here, I am present”. You are always at choice and you know how to…

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DNA Ultra Diets” : Bad Science?

Dieting and weight loss products and programs are such a big budget, big profit business today. We’ve all heard dozens of sales pitches for diet and weight loss products, plans, books, and other items that will supposedly help us miraculously lose that extra weight we’ve gained with the least amount of effort possible.

Each of these programs, books, and products also usually tout themselves as being based „unique” and strongly backed science and technology.

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