Information On Cholesterol and general knowledge

Cholesterol is a word associated with bad health, but cholesterol is actually a natural substance, necessary for our body’s healthy functioning, and cholesterol, like most everything else in our lives, is harmful only in excess.

And how is it, then, that the very name, cholesterol, has acquired such bad connotations? Why is it that we are always cautioned to 'have our cholesterol level checked’ and to 'know our cholesterol number’? To understand this more fully, it is important…

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The Real Beauty of a Woman

A few months ago, Dove, one of the world’s most well-known brands of soap, was relaunched under a new marketing campaign called “Dove Self-Esteem Fund.” The fund was launched to “serve as an agent of change to educate and inspire girls on a wider definition of beauty and to make them feel more confident about themselves.” This particular advertising campaign was dubbed as “one of the most touching advertisements ever shown on television.” Unlike the usual formula of using beautiful women with flawless skin as models in soap commercials, the Dove campaign chose to make non-celebrity, everyday women the centerpiece of the advertisement.

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Products For White Brilliant Teeth

The quest for white teeth is a never-ending cycle. There are constantly new products on the market to try that claim they work quicker and better than any other brand. There are so many teeth whitener products and so little time! Whitening trays, whitening strips, and teeth whitener toothpaste are all products that claim to make your teeth white.

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What to look for in a probiotic

What you should know about probiotics
You might be surprised to learn that how you feel and even look every day is tied to your intestines. To maintain good health, your intestines must properly absorb nutrients and help eliminate waste and toxins.

Your intestines, which lie between the stomach and rectum, are part of the Gl tract or digestive system. In the small and large intestines, food is broken down and absorbed into the bloodstream, providing your cells and organs with the energy they need to function. Your intestines do this with the help of good bacteria (also called microflora).

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Relaxation and Chillout in the Workplace!

Learning how to relax is a most useful skill. It is quick and easy to learn and just takes a short period each day to master. Find out how to do this for yourself. If you read this, you will understand that rest and regeneration is an important matter 🙂

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Emergency Birth Control What You Ought To Know About

Thanks to emergency birth control (EBC) methods, women can still prevent unwanted pregnancies even after a few days of having unprotected sexual intercourse. Unlike the regular birth control methods, EBC is only recommended for emergency use only. Also, EBC cannot cause abortion or trigger miscarriage. In this article, the author cites and expounds on the two common types of emergency birth control methods.

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